About the company

Attorneys association "Kalita, Markovich and partners" - successfully solves non-standard legal problems in all major branches of law

  • The corporate law
  • Labor and employment
  • Dispute settlement practice
  • Taxation
  • Real estate and construction
  • Assessing the corruption risks of companies
  • No limit

The corporate law

  • carrying out legal due diligence;
  • concluding and analysis of sale contract of business, agreements between  shareholders (option, shareholders’ agreement) and other documents connected with implementation of agreements;
  • opening and structuring of business, compliance with all regulatory requirements for regulated business sectors;
  • negotiating and drafting commercial contracts;
  • protecting business owners’ rights in court.

Labor and employment

  • carrying out a comprehensive review of documents for conformity with labor and migration legislation;
  • editing of personnel documents according to requirements of national legislation;
  • drafting labor agreement (contracts), amendments to them and also agreements on termination of labor relations, including all necessary documents;
  • support during labor disputes and consulting concern compliance with legislation on labor protection by companies.

Dispute settlement practice

  • independent evaluation of prospects of case, positions of the parties;
  • designing a protection strategy;
  • evidence: searching and presentation;
  • representation of the client’s interests in court;
  • the enforcement proceeding;
  • the mediation.


  • consulting on taxation of individuals and entities;
  • representation of the client’s interests in tax authorities and court;
  • preparing responses to the request of tax authorities;
  • proving appeal against results of the audit.

Real estate and construction

  • carrying out due diligence, supporting of real estate transactions;
  • settlements non-standard land relations;
  • drafting and supporting during concluding turnkey contracts for constructions, business management and its financing;
  • obtaining permits in construction sphere.

Assessing the corruption risks of companies

Ukraine is actively implementing the requirements of international conventions and best practices (OECD, GRECO) on building integrity and anti-corruption compliance in the activities of legal entities. Our attorneys have experience in assessing the corruption risks of companies, developing measures to eliminate (minimize) them.

No limit

We do not limit ourselves by some branches. We always monitor trends of development of society and technologies. Our lawyers have experience in lots of practice. We take professional and responsible approach to each of family cases and public-private partnership projects.

Our team

84% of disputes end with victory

Kalita Andrii

Attorney, the Managing partner

14 years of practice as attorney. Total legal experience – 18 years. More than 150 successful cases.

+380 95 641 61 11


Goryana Tetiana

Attorney, the Deputy Head of Association

9 years of practice as attorney. Total legal experience – 19 years. More than 60 successful court cases.

+38 044 499 82 81


Markovich Yurii


Total legal experience – 19 years. 50 successful court cases.

+38 096 929 05 05


Mokhniuk Ruslana


5 years of practice as attorney. Total legal experience – 9 years. 15 successful court cases.

+38 095 641 61 11


Savchenko Viktoriia


2 years of practice as attorney. Total legal experience – 6 years. 6 successful court cases.

+38 044 499 82 81


Movchan Viktor


Total legal experience – 13 years.

+38 044 499 82 81


Komisarova Kseniia


Legal experience – 5 years.

+38 044 499 82 81


Kuliesh Taras


Legal experience – 11 years.

+38 044 499 82 81


Simonova Olha

Office manager

+38 044 499 82 81


Sulima Nataliia


Legal experience – 4 years

+38 044 499 82 81




7 reasons why clients are satisfied by our work

We have deactivated content advertising, since all our customers came to us on the recommendation of existing clients. We do not chase the quantity, giving the maximum time and attention to the current clients. We protect them against negative consequences in the future.

We respond promptly to client’s tasks. Working with our attorneys, you will get “feedback” as quickly as possible.

Our lawyers are members of the Ukrainian Bar Association, have extensive experience and are always up to date with the best practices in the world.

We concern about the problem of each client. You can speak to a lawyer 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. At the same time, we prepare consultations in an accessible and comprehensible form for the client, without complicated terminology and without copying normative legal acts.

Our consultations are understandable for a person who does not have legal education. We fix the cost in the contract and save your time and money. In difficult cases, before the beginning of work, the client will know maximum cost of legal services.

Most of the issues are resolved remotely with the help of messengers; you do not need to come to our office on every issue. In addition, telephone conversations, communications, analysis of legislation, travel time to the client are not included in the payment of services.

We have free legal assistance. The Pro bono program allows to provide professional legal assistance to people who do not have opportunity to pay for attorneys.

The bad attorney

The consequences of the wrong choice of a lawyer?

We are confident that every lawyer should take care of solving a client’s problem. Unfortunately, most lawyers primarily think about their profits, and take money even for a simple telephone consultation, or generally take money and do not aim to provide quality services.

In addition, it is very important to be able to convey the message and explain everything to the client in a clear language. Legal terminology only complicates the understanding of the essence of the process, and the decision is made by the Client.

Unskilled legal aid leads to negative consequences such as:

wrong strategy of defence;

non-compliance with agreed terms;

useless expenses for legal services;

omission of procedural terms;

inefficiency of judicial protection.

We speak

Kalita Andrii

Attorney, the Managing partner

"The time and financial performance of a client are our priorities. We do not invite our clients to the office in order “to talk” and then issue an invoice for such talking. The majority of business matters we try to solve using messengers (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp). I believe, that it is better to reduce client’s expenses which are not related to the legal assistance".

Markovich Yurii


“My experience shows that nothing is better for professional development, as the unconventional and innovative projects. When you face a difficult task, you activate all your knowledge and skills to solve it, besides other areas often inspire a fresh look at your work”.

Goryana Tetiana


"To satisfy clients' wishes by the work of our company, I am trying to work towards achieving maximum balance between the result of the case and the client's expectation of such a result”


We are trustworthy

We have got more than 300 satisfied clients.

If you are worried about whether a lawyer will help you in your case, since the legal service is non-material, you can ensure the quality of our work through the recommendations and clients’ feedback. Each of them came up with his problem and got a decision quickly.

Talking about us

  • Raymondas Gabulavičius

    Director of the «Elsis» representative office in Ukraine

    We work with the Attorney association “Kalita, Markovich and Partners” from 2012. All of them are smart and responsive professionals having years of versatile experience. I am pleased to recommend them to those who need a fresh look, a non-standard approach and a human attitude.

  • Alexander Shvets

    President of the Social organization «Father has the right»

    Our Social organization has been cooperating with Goryana Tetiana, who is the attorney of AA “Kalita, Markovich and partners” in the field of family law, protection of the rights of children and parents from 2015. During the time of cooperation, attorneys provided legal assistance to a wide range of parents whose rights to communicate with and raise children were violated by another parent, tutorship and guardianship agency and state bodies. Thanks to the active participation of Tetiana Goryana, it was possible to stop the spread of illegal practices by the courts and state authorities of Ukraine in the process of solving issues related to violation of the rights of children and parents, the Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted by the General Assembly in 1959 as not ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and as not part of the legislation of Ukraine. We recommend everyone who needs experienced and highly qualified lawyers in the field of family law to contact.

  • Vilius Senkus

    Director, corporation "Stevila"

    We entered the Ukraine market, started the production of metal processing. This process requires professional knowledge and experience in the legal field. We are very pleased that AA “Kalita, Markovich and partners” has provided assistance in drafting all documents, staff recruitment and labor protection. Now we can work comfortably, because everything was prepared very well.

  • Linas Malishko

    Director of the Company "ROVAS".

    Our company specializes in international recruitment and staffing. We needed qualitative assistance in legal matters regarding work with foreign partners and staff. Specially for us the lawyers from AA “Kalita, Markovich and partners” designed a work plan that meets our needs as much as possible. Working with them is one pleasure, tasks are solved quickly, and explanations are provided in straightforward language.

  • Nguyen Kanh

    Head of LLC "MKS RES", the developer of residential complex "Novoselytsevo".

    I think that lots of people know how many fears people have when it comes to buying a new house, because in this context “it does not go”, it’s about something. Therefore, for our company, the important aspects are the transparency of all processes and reliable legal support. The Attorney association provides us with legal assistance, we continue to work and are very pleased. Recommended.

  • Kostiukov Oleksii

    Head of LLC "Khlibozavod №1" (Vinnytsia)

    I can say that lawyers of Attorney association “Kalita, Markovich and Partners” consists of true professionals in their area, who show deep knowledge and great experience. We were advised on contractual activities, as well as in relations with state authorities. Everything was made clear and simple and now we are calm.