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Our advantages

Our advantages

During the years of work, we have formed an understanding that for the Client it is not essential whether his attorney works in a large firm or in a small one. In case you need AAA class offices and huge conference halls, we know lots of attorneys (lawyers), who will charge you a fee for such privilege with great pleasure, but then they hire us based on outsourcing in order we perform the work. Attorneys’ association “Kalita, Markovich and partners” prefers to save the Client’s expenses for privileges that are not related to the provision of legal services. Our attorneys, in turn, concentrate on providing qualitative and professional services to the Client.

Prompt response

You have an access to the attorney’s services twenty-four seven. If you really need the attorney’s help, do not worry to bother the attorney at all hours.

Clear consultations

Our attorneys will not prepare “consultation in two volumes” or “copy legal acts” during answering simple questions of the Client. We prepare our consultation in a form which is understandable for a man without legal education.

High rate of work

We realize that the overall pace of work during performing the complex tasks of the Client depends on personal results of attorneys. Our attorneys do not afraid to set ambitious tasks and try to find the quickest and the most effective way to solve it. Nevertheless, our decisions are solid and fundamental; attorneys do not give spontaneous recommendations and always think through probable development of the event in advance.

Modern methods of work

Your time is as much important for us as our time. We do not invite Clients to our office for “talking” and then issue an invoice for such talk. Most of work issues we try to resolve through electronic messages using worldwide means of communication (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp). Such way saves time and improves the speed of resolving of problems.

Honest fee

You pay only for services delivered. We do not calculate time of trips to Clients, phone calls, examination of laws; the Client does not pay for golfing of our partners or visiting cigar clubs. If you can solve your problem without help of attorneys, we will tell you about it honestly and show the way of solution.

Our clients

More than 100 Ukrainian and foreign companies have entrusted the Law Firm "Kalita, Markovich and Partners" to conduct their business. We value the trust of our Clients to the attorneys of our Company. Clients recommendation is the best indicator of our professionalism.